Akragas' origins can be found in 581 b.C., date when it was founded, in the works of both Aristonoo and Pistiloin who are traditionally considered as the founders of the Rode and Crete colonies. The historic victory of the Greeks on the Cartage people at Himera, in 480 b. C., first gave Akragas a huge war reward and then opened

a prosperity and power period for the city which gave birth to great public works, temples and aqueducts. The Terone court (Akragas tyrant from 488 to 471 b. C.) was the destination for famous poets like Simonide and Pindaro, who greeted the Midas flautist's native land as "the most beautiful city for mortals, the splendor friend, the seat of Persefone".


A small picturesque and ancient city, it is famous for its beaches and also for its Cathedral, architectural Norman Age masterpiece. According to the tradition, the church was built by Ruggero II to accomplish a vow that he made when he and his crew were caught in a tempest and succeeded to land there. The works for its construction began in 1131 and went on for one more century.

Imposing, it dominates with its height the houses situated below, the background reinforces its force. Two twin towers, not totally identical, flank its front and amplify the majesty of it.

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